Lee County Considering Waste Removal System Change

Lee County has now put out a bid to potentially change the waste removal system that is currently in place. Lee County Probate Judge Bill English joined AOTM earlier this week to give some details on the situation.

English: Our solid waste system was designed in the late 80’s… we have 15 of these dumpsters around the county. Our population has doubled since that system was designed. It’s hard to keep up.

English discussed the possibility of transitioning to a system of curbside carts instead of the current dump centers. English also noted that all of the surrounding counties in the area have already transitioned to the cart system.

English: Most of the counties in Alabama have curbside carts, even out in the county. We don’t know if (Curbside carts) is a workable solution or not. It will certainly cut down on unauthorized users.

English later stated that the decision will not be made until the county is able to get pricing for the potential transition.

You can listen to the full conversation with Lee County Probate Judge Bill English at newstalkwani.com!