Fullington wants big crowd for Saturday night brawl with Briarwood, ‘When it’s rocking, we have one of the best venues in the state’

After an area win last night against Munford and a Tuesday night victory over Coosa, the Aggies (15-8, 3-0) will wrap up a three game week tonight at home.

Briarwood (13-3) will roll in to town looking for revenge against Sylacauga from earlier in the season when the Aggies went into Briarwood and pulled off a double-digit victory, 60-50.

“That was probably the best buy-in game we had all year with the team,” said Sylacauga Head Coach Kent Fullington. “We just have to continue that and continue to grow. This is the time of year that we have to be playing our best basketball.”

Fullington is looking for a loud environment at Douglas-Martin Court. “When we have our student section and our fans at Douglass-Martin Court, it’s fun. When it’s rocking, we have one of the best venues in the state for a basketball game, and we need that tonight,” Fullington said. “That’s such a huge advantage for us when we’re playing a really good team like Briarwood.”

Sylacauga girls will tip-off at 5:30 with the boys tipping at 7:00.