to offer breaking news text message alerts

SYLACAUGA, Ala. – On Tuesday, unveiled a new service to its readers: breaking news text message alerts.

“To keep up with emerging media and constant news-cycle, we have decided to give our readers a new and free way to obtain their news,” said Managing Editor Michael Brannon. “There is absolutely no reason why someone should have to pay for their online news. We pride ourselves with making sure people remain informed when they read This new texting service is a way for readers to invite us into their lives and inform them about what’s happening in their community. That’s important to us and we know it’s important to them.”

The service is free to anyone who receives text messages to their phones. Subscribers simply text the word “NEWS” to 256-249-4263. Immediately, a text message will be sent to the subscriber notifying they are now in the database to receive breaking news alerts. Standard text message rates may apply.

“I see people all the time that tell me how much they appreciate being informed by our news. That’s really gratifying to hear. That means we are doing something right and making a difference. If this allows us to inform more people who otherwise might not know about news around them, it means we are doing our job,” said reporter Jeremy Law.