Sign regulations in the City of Auburn

AUBURN, Ala.- During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to change the way they provide goods and services in response to regulations from the State of Alabama. Many Auburn businesses have placed signs within rights of way to inform customers of these changes. Although signs are not permitted in local rights of way, the City of Auburn has been lenient in enforcing sign regulations as one of many measures taken to help support local businesses during this time.

With most businesses now open and significant time having passed for customers and businesses to get used to new ways of operating, the City of Auburn will return to regular enforcement of sign regulations on Tuesday, Sept. 1. All businesses are asked to remove non-compliant signs by Monday, Aug. 31. Before replacing or relocating signs, businesses are asked to review sign regulations to ensure signs are compliant.

The sign regulations in Article VI of the City of Auburn’s Zoning ordinance exist to help provide information while protecting the safety of the community and promoting the beautification of Auburn. More information about the City of Auburn’s sign regulations is available in the City of Auburn Zoning Ordinance. You can also view an overview of prohibited signs in Auburn. Those with questions may contact the Planning Services Department at 334-501-3040 or [email protected].