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Digital Media

RA Digital is RadioAlabama’s premiere digital advertising brand specializing in all-things online and interactive on smartphones, tablets, desktops, apps, and more.

Many people think “digital advertising” means using social media to let their ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ know about their product or service. While social media may indeed be a form of digital advertising, it is not nearly the most effective way, the only way, or even the most affordable way to reach customers or potential clients.

RA Digital’s team of certified experts can ensure that your messages are seen by people actively searching for the products or services you offer or in geographic proximity to your locations. You can focus on people who know about your business and introduce your business to prospective new customers. With robust reporting and data analysis, an affordable digital campaign with RA Digital is just the first step in maximizing your reach. You can also attract potential employees by targeting employment ads.

Here are just a few ways RA Digital can deliver your message with helpful tactics:

  • Targeted display (displaying static or animated ads to specific audiences based on demographics or behavior on websites and/or apps)
  • Geofencing (virtual boundary or zone created around a physical location)
  • Geotargeting (delivering content or ads to users based on their location)
  • Site retargeting (displaying ads to users who previously visited a website)
  • OTT (over-the-top; streaming TV content via internet rather than traditional broadcast methods including pre, mid, and post-roll on website videos)
  • CTV (connected television; television delivered through internet-connected devices rather than traditional methods such as Sling, Pluto, Tubi, etc.)
  • Banner ads (ads on RadioAlabama owned-and-operated websites)

Advertise any of our station websites to continue pushing top-of-mind awareness. Online ads are visual and clickable by your targeted demographic, and results are measured two ways:

  • Impressions (the number of times the ad was displayed on the screen of a visitor to the site)
  • Click-throughs (impressions that resulted in someone clicking on the ad to go to a linked web page for more information)

Where would my ads appear?

Simply put: your ad impressions are not wasted. They are strategically placed where people are already visiting online. Whether they’re checking the latest sports scores, getting movie tickets, checking the weather, or even playing a game, RA Digital has the robust tools needed to get your message in front of your target audience.

Streaming audio sponsorship

Sponsor any of the RadioAlabama/Auburn Network stations “Listen Live Experience” feature or mobile apps for maximum online exposure. Promotional announcements on our website, on-the-air, and inside the streaming players could name your business as the exclusive sponsor. Daily repetition with repeat/at-work listeners who tune in every day from work, on-the-road, with a laptop, on on their mobile devices give you more opportunities to promote your brand.

Advertising on RadioAlabama Brand Websites

We live in a digital world – and so should your business. Digital marketing keeps you in front of your audience even when they aren’t listening to the radio. You can place display banners on our station websites and our stream players. And no, you don’t need to be advertising over the air to place an ad on one of our websites. However, if you’re branding on the radio, our listeners are getting to know you.

When they come to our website and see your display ad, they’ll connect it with your on-air campaign for better top-of-mind awareness. It’s a one-two punch. RadioAlabama | Marble City Media LLC station sites act as a portal to enter contests and engage with the radio station. So, why not have your ad there, too? Banner advertising gives you the opportunity to capitalize on that traffic and increase the frequency of your message. By integrating web advertising into your marketing or lead-generation campaign, you extend your brand exposure to a highly targeted audience of customers.

All of our websites are also mobile-friendly, and we run mobile-specific banners on our mobile sites. We’re able to target your ads specifically to mobile devices, so you can have a mobile-specific message on phones, and a desktop-specific message on computers.

Unique Ad Placement

Home Page: Each of our station home pages is the most popular page on the site. In addition to top, bottom, and side ads, the home page has middle advertising positions available between news articles.

Run of Site: Advertising on a station website is not limited to just a single page or position.  Your ad can rotate on all the main pages giving your message more exposure.

Position Sponsorships: By default, up to 5 ads rotate in each banner ad position.  When you sponsor a position, you guarantee your ad is the only one that appears.

Page Takeovers: This is the “next step” to the previous sponsorship.  When you sponsor a page “take over”, this means that your business is the only ad that appears on the page in all positions.  Page takeovers are normally one-day events and include special on-air promotions throughout the day.

Ad Types and Positions

RadioAlabama | Marble City Media LLC offers several ad formats and numerous targeted page locations.  Consult your sales representative for a complete list of online opportunities, audience counts, and targeting locations.

Top/Bottom Leaderboard: This placement is available as a shared space on any station web page. Up to five advertisers rotate randomly in each position.  All 5 banners rotate in a carousel style to ensure they all receive exposure.

Sidebar Slider Ad: Want a large, prominent ad?  Sidebar slider ads are similar to the top/bottom leaderboards in that they randomly change position in a carousel.  Up to 5 banners will rotate to ensure equal exposure.

Sidebar Static Ad: Want your ad to appear to 100% of all page visitors? A sidebar static ad is a perfect option. Side ads do not rotate like the carousel ads but they do change with each visit (or page refresh).  These ads are always visible to every viewer of the page.

Common Ad Sizes

RadioAlabama 728x90 Banner Ad

Download Photoshop Template

RadioAlabama 300x250 Banner

Download Photoshop Template

Free Design Service for Online Ads

In order to make online advertising as easy as possible, we offer all advertisers free designs of online ads.  Our designer can make your ad coordinate with your brand image and website.  Simply supply us with your ad copy, web address, and any other graphics you want to be incorporated and our designers will do the rest.