Radio Advertising


Radio Advertising

Working from the inside out, it can be difficult to define who you are as a business. In order to appeal to your target audience, it requires a strong foundation in branding and precise messaging. Radio advertising can give you both.

What does branding mean? It means establishing an emotional connection to your audience, as well as a way to define who you are, and what you do. Simply put, branding is a way to communicate your image.

RadioAlabama stations help companies develop strong business identities and align messaging for powerful communications strategies — turning your great business into a memorable local brand with increased loyalty.

What does your brand means to consumers? With radio branding, it’s less about the product and more about the feeling and connection associated with it. People care more about the sizzle of the steak they’re intending to cook versus the grill they have to buy in order to get it.

Branding can be established through several different types of radio ads including:

  • Sixty – a :60 ad
  • Thirty – a :30 ad
  • Fifteen – a :15 ad
  • Ten (or ‘billboard’) – a :10 ad usually included in a news or weather sponsorship
  • Adlets – a :05 ad
  • Sponsorship – a branded section of the on-air programming
  • Promotion – an interactive buy to place products or services into listeners’ hands to drive engagement via a contest or giveaway

Our team of radio experts can walk you through what your customized radio branding strategy should include across any of our stations or formats. We love helping local businesses reach goals, grow, and become household names.

Ready to get started? So are we. Get your business on the radio with RadioAlabama.

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